Monday, December 26, 2011

1940's- New age?

I'm extremely fond of the 40's the shapes just appear to be timeless. I've bought a lot of patterns recently which are the a-line skirts and petite coats. But when talking to my Nan recently discovered that 1947 gave way to a new form of fashion. 1940's New age. The straights skits with matching blazers and the odd pleat. Now i think they translate perfectly into an office environment and both looks really boast the female body shape, by lending to its curves!

 Dior A-line, again this shows how the trend developed.

A-line- before the New age look sprung to mind but
Not as large as a pettie coat would have initially made them.

The New Look- perfectly flattering for a curvesious
Matching suits...
Accessorise.. hats and structured bags!

Manchester Vintage...

Here are just a few spots to try, they'll defiantly help you to build up your collection. Manchester seems to have a great Urban vibe in general. But Manchester's vintage scene is great. They really know how to Quirk things up! One of the key things to note is the amount of knit wear graces their shelves. Snuggly winter warmers form grandad knits to some fabulous 80's cardi's, not to mention the away of all in ones in comparison to other places.  So here's my idea of some fun and fabulous places to go-

Retro Rehab (Manchester Northern Quarter)

This is a fabulous store. I can't help but buy something when I go in. it's extremely girly vintage pieces in comparison to some of the other stores in the city centre. It's pieces equate to some top shop finds only vintage.  it's also an extremely nice lay out and easy to find pieces. I've brought a lovely vintage maxi dress from here before for a wedding and the comments I received where fabulous! I'd defiantly recommend Retro rehab as a starting point of your mancunian vintage treasure hunt!
Song of Choice "Glen Millar- String of Pearls" 

Pop Boutique (Manchester Northern Quarter)

Another fabulous Northern quarter shop, again with a nice layout. Pop does both lovely ladies wear, menswear and furniture. Great finds here include tweed jackets; It's fabulous for tweed pieces, Leather away satchels, and occasionally its great for a great 1940's,50's or 60's dress. I managed to find a splendid lace number from here in black. Its very delicious, again great party dress!
Song Of Choice "Etta James- Wallflower (Roll With me Henry

Ryans Vintage (Manchester Northern Quarter)

Ryans vintage really isn't the best layout. You'll really find yourself on a treasure hunt hear and the feel is more of a vintage jumble sale. But to be fair if your in a rum merging mood its fabulous to find some great one offs! My Brother walked away with a great leather jacket from here for only £18.00. A BARGAIN!! And I have brought many mens knitwear pieces from here which are splendid!
Song of choice- "Aretha Franklin-Respect"

COW (Manchester Picadilly gardens

Having a 1960's-80's feel! Cow is really a gain a well merchandised store. It has a later vintage feel and is great for buying washed out denim, quirky patterns and fabulous headscarves! I even stumbled upon some gold Versace Sunglasses here which were Oh so lady Gaga! The pieces in here would work really well with some of the festival trends coming in, and its priced oh so reasonably!
Song of choice- "The Beatles- Dear Prudence"

So happy Shopping I hope you enjoy some of these delights as I have... Defiantly great for some vintage treasure hunts. 

Muchos luvos Rae xo

Boxing day!

Sat having s cup of tea and upon reflection, I've received some very fabulous items for Christmas. A very fantastic tea cosy, some fantastic table clothes. Which are in keeping with the apartment and thats not to mention the bags of chocolate. So I've been spoilt again! 

However in all of my excitement I awoke this morning wanting to look at what January sales had to offer, and have found myself instead wanting something with a little more character. So there seem to be a million glittery and sequinned dresses all with the same shape and less character for around £80.00 IN THE SALE!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ulyana- Photo set- As promised

Love these sunglasses great way to accessorize
really compliment the outfit! Perfect for summer!
Inspired already!
Love this High waist flattering on all!
Emerald green a fantastic 1940's colour
Flattering on most skin tones and to scream
Parisian chic add red lipstick...

Classic trench, camel tones have been
Huge this season! Mac's first sold in 1824
and made from rubberised fabric! Who said
fashion was impractical, hey??

That little black dress and a hand muff!
adding a skating accessory (see below looks)
that I'm oh so feeling this winter, and
making it grown up!

A-line skirts. For work we'll do 70's tweed,
but 1940's and 50's floral prints are Oh so big
for spring, and we have to stay ahead!

A GREAT winter trend. Fur has just been huge
keeping us all warm, shrug fur, long fur and shawl
fur, we love it all!

Stumbling upon Ulyana.

Ahhhhhhh, refreshing...

An exciting new find- Fabulous designer Ulyana Sergeenko, simply amazing. Exciting new pieces which work alone and create some fabulous pieces. You simply can't go wrong! The lovely thing about her pieces is how it embodies not only lady like glamour but, circular motions of a lady like shape. J'adore this.  It's defiantly inspired me, and after a some cheeky cocktails with the ladies this evening. I think that this evening has defiantly got me motivated for the new year! Set into gear more with plan vintage. Some buying dates in the diary, so I  can explore some fabulous haunts, all suggestions welcome. I'll fully report back on my return.

Ciao for now... and be sure to get hooked on some classic black and whites this christmas. My paps favourite 'Its a Wonderful life' may be one of mine and I'm also thinking the Audrey hepburn box set. Oh how I love a bit of Audrey.

Anyways I shall leave you with Ulyana pictures (see above), nighty night folks!

My Winter Vintage...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sneaky piece of some of our 1st collection batch!!!

and don't forget to accessorise yourself vintage...

Vintage Fair- Judy's

Judy's is a great vintage fair in the UK it appears in numerous destinations, and is full of some second hand favourites and memorabilia. its very delightful. I've been o a few over the northwest from Leeds, manchester and chester, they're a great atmosphere, and held in inspirational venues of their own!

So Get involved... I'm pretty sure you can find anything to suit your needs here!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How the Brits do it!

Three key looks. Moss Channels 70's, whilst agnes pulls of the new boyish tailoring with ease. Think accessories, Bowler hats, brogues, boyish shorts to create an all round gamine look. As far as the 70's is concerned take it back with floral prints flares on both the sleeves and trousers and the biggest floppiest hats you can find to add an ere of feminine chic.

So I decided to have a go at every day Gamine Boy... brogues at the ready, chino's and rocking Bristish New Gamine this season

Take it back a notch, lets remember after all its all been done before...
Think VINTAGE tailoring, think KATHERINE HEPBURN...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vintage, has style and bezazz...

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same.''

Retro Rehab... So Noughtie!


Now I absouloutly LOVE this photo set. Edgy as hell for vogue... but think Italian vogue. 
Agness Deyn, Gemma Kidd and up and coming poster girl Lara Stone. Not to mention the hills Justin Brescia, heart throb and a total regular on the party scene. 
The irony of these pictures is genius! 

Justin's a regular on the party scene in LA, so his presence brings the reality of these pictures home. The photographer has also used subtle forms of hilarity to emphasise the desperation of the press and the fall of the subject. 

In the first set (before) the models pose in numerous positions in which they have no underwear on. 

On first glance at the pictures they do present the desired  SHOCK factor. But in real term its nothing that we don't see on a regular basis in our news and gossip columns. 

The pictures tell the tale of success in the lime-light and bring the seriousness of the mater to light through the gritty after set aka. "the rehabilitation facilities" so many stars such as Britney and Lilo have managed to sell these facilities as the non serious drop in centre to there heavily publisized lives. See what you think but I just can't get enough of this...

The great thing about these images also is how some of the key pieces focus on eras. For instance agness deyn's clearly enjoying a so called 'hippy' moment. The hat and long luscious locks translate into Festival vintage perfectly! The brogues, fur coats and even hot 80's leather are all favourites that i think could also be 'Thriftly' Obtained from our favourite vintage stores...



Magazine: Vogue Italia July 2007
Models: Denisa Dvorakova, Missy Rayder, Lara Stone, Agyness Deyn, Sasha Pivovarova, Guinevere van Seenus, Tasha Tilberg, Iselin Steiro, Masha Tyelna, Irina Kulikova, Rogier Boschaart, Rory Greer, Tim Hernandez, Felix Penny, Justin Brescia
Photographer: Steven Meisel

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Its pouring rain, and truly beautifully british downpours, and to be frank, I can't wait to get home bust out the teapot and get a nice Earl grey on the... On the subject of which, managed to find a fabulous teapot and salt and pepper shaker in a VINTAGE flea market... Not to mention some truly fabulous 1960's cocktail glasses, which are not only lovely jubely looking but also extremly practical. With a fantastic sill to collect any drips (not that I spill alcohol frequently) and enough space for a fantastic amount!

Pffftttt, anyway I feel pictures will defiantly be following, so eyes peeled!

Why Vintage?

With vintage clothing becoming, more and more popular, and being fronted by some of the worlds most inspirational stars
Such as Lily Allen, Dita von Teese, Daisy Lowe and many more, her are a view reasons we love to buy vintage, and why we believe its the way forward;

Price- vintage pieces on average work out far cheaper than buying from the high street, and yet ironically, I spend a good amount of time gauping and the fabulously merchandised pieces in stores such as Topshop and wondering which Northern quarter Thrift store I'd spotted something similar in, for a fraction of the cost. So a key reason to buy vintage! Wear vintage and live vintage.

Make a statement- The other reason vintage is now the way forward... Attended that party and found that the girl next to you is shockingly wearing exactly the same new season dress as you, but with horrific shoes. (Yes we know its a disaster) sat on the beech whilst everybody parades around in the same primark two piece?? Yes we feel your pain. With vintage pieces, your getting a one of vintage piece, a piece with a story, something exquisite and unique. Your statements far better made with vintage!

Creativeness- vintage clothes all have a story; its fantastic to imagine whom may have been wearing that 1960's dress? A political rights activist? The cereal packet family mom? You decide, and create your own stories!

So if your going to do anything... Do Vintage!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011... Elizabeth Taylor


HOT WATER BOTTLE... and some retro inspiration please

Defiantly getting to that time of the year where our Bridget jones inspired reindeer Jumpers are creeping out of the wardrobe, and to be frank I can't wait. But tonight in thought I decided that reflection was needed. The year 2011 brought us to the end of two retro inspired muses. Losing both winehouse and Elizabeth Taylor this year, has highlighted not only the true and un-aging beauty of retro and effortless glamour. But how the inspiration of vintage in all degrees when paired with Genius, can create wonders, and to celebrate Amy's record company have released Lioness in a tribute not only to Winehouse but to her fans. In the spirit of all things vintage collections of Elizabeths best covers have been compiled. Some of which I particularly felt inspired and defiantly deserved a little place on this particular blog.

SO PLEASE SEE ABOVE, for a mere sample of some of Elizabeths best.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet Me...

Introducing...Project Vintage

Okay so I'm currently in the process of setting up my webpage vintageclothes10and6. So I can get selling some of the Beautiful clothes I've collected.

Vintage is just so me... and  Ms Vintage is all about me, Vintage and showing you guys how its done, with project Vintage, Let's GO!!