Sunday, April 29, 2012

Old and New

Heart vintage mish mashed interior, old and new can go oh so well...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We've had a lot of interest and feedback on ten and six webpage at the moment, which is fabulous! The more we hear the better! As Anna Wintour once said sometimes the best experience is getting fired! I suppose that's because it helps to navigate you! So I will be employing some of these tactics including a second eye to spot those horrific tablet and iPhone errors! I'm a technology bimbo what can I say! But hey it's a learning curve! And eyes peeled on here for a few vintage reviews we have in the midst! We like to shop vintage, so we may as well educate! Right!!???

Anyhu, chat later! But with better grammar! :p Rae xo

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Events

Here at Vintage clothes 10 and 6. We appreciate the finer things in life, and what can beat a good brew and some knitting?

Britain and it's economy is experiencing a dry spell. Less of us are able to use the techniques where we're able to develop our own sense of style, and individuality, which was probably vastly adopted in the past. Schools place less emphasis on skills such as dressmaking/and knitting and the 'hype' of the Noughties largely focuses on social media networking.
Well what about meeting people, and learning a great skill over a nice cuppa Earl Grey or a Ginger Beer.
Well, we're supporting this ideology and looking to get a little crowd together, to form some knit and Natter classes in the Urban wonder of Manchester's Northern Quarter. At the moment we're just awaiting to see how many faces would be interested in participating. The initial classes will be to help beginners with the basics of knitting.
The classes are likely to be held on a Tuesday evening in the Art Cafe NEXUS. Which provides a great arty and inspirational venue.


Lusting a vintage inspired Lomography cam..

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Some Beauties coming up...

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But have some exciting new bits going onto vintage clothes 10 and 6...